Hello and welcome!

Sep 1, 2018Blog

Hello and welcome!!


Hello, and welcome to my new blog! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to have a look round my site and get a feel for what I’m all about from a health and nutrition perspective. In summary, I’m equally passionate about helping people optimise their health and feel their best, and enjoying their food and eating well for life.

I realise that not everyone will share my enthusiasm, but I see that more and more people have a problematic relationship with food. Some people see food as an inconvenience: food shopping and preparation is something that takes time they don’t have. Others take a very reductionist approach to their diet, focussing on what they eat in terms of a rigid intake of carbohydrates, fat and protein, or applying arbitrary rules that they believe will help them reach a particular goal. Worse still, many people feel a lot of guilt around what they eat, describing food as “good” and “bad” and, by extension, themselves as “bad” when they make less healthy choices.

Food is so much more than the sum of its parts. Food can contribute to our health and feeling our best of course, but the way we eat can also feed our soul. Many of my happiest memories involved food – it’s often at the centre of social occasions and family events. It’s also linked to our experiences and eating particular foods can evoke strong memories – juicy strawberries that taste like summer or recreating a dish which takes us back to a happy holiday memory.

Through my blog, I hope to share some of my enthusiasm with you – including some of the healthy recipes that I cook regularly. I also aim to cut through some of the misinformation about nutrition and bust a few myths along the way, as eating well has become far too confusing. Finally, I’d like to share some of my tips and tricks for eating well when you have a busy life. I don’t claim to be perfect, but juggling full time work, study and family life I have picked up a few hacks along the way which have helped me!

If there are topics you’d like to learn more about, please feel free to get in touch at chilternnutrition@outlook.com. If you’re interested in becoming a client of mine, do contact me for a free 15 minute discussion to see if nutritional therapy is right for you.